Parodia spoofer has an authentication overhaul. Visit our Discord if you have an active license to transfer.

Parodia Spoofer - We Need Your Help!


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After the current changes made with Parodia Spoofer, implementing the seed system and nulling the SMBIOS, DemonWare has made additional steps in increasing our outreach to potential customers.


That being said - Parodia doesn't have much of a reputation amongst the epvpers community compared to Lab Demon - yet. I'm making this announcement in request for all current members who are using our software with Parodia - we need your honest feedback. 

All members who vouch/leave an honest review in each of these posts will be compensated accordingly as stated in the private Discord. 

Here are the posts:

Additionally, customers who send a trade request on any of these posts and leave honest feedback will be compensated as well. 


Thanks for your time!

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