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  1. Madara

    Parodia Spoofer

    Version 2.0.0


    Please download the written installation guide below: Parodia Install Guide V2.pdf
  2. After the current changes made with Parodia Spoofer, implementing the seed system and nulling the SMBIOS, DemonWare has made additional steps in increasing our outreach to potential customers. That being said - Parodia doesn't have much of a reputation amongst the epvpers community compared to Lab Demon - yet. I'm making this announcement in request for all current members who are using our software with Parodia - we need your honest feedback. All members who vouch/leave an honest review in each of these posts will be compensated accordingly as stated in the private Discord. Here are the posts: Additionally, customers who send a trade request on any of these posts and leave honest feedback will be compensated as well. Thanks for your time!
  3. To utilize our website more effectively, I've installed the Brilliant Discord Integration plugin. We believe this will help fulfill's purpose as well as provide quality-of-life improvements to all members within the server. SOME CHANGES ARE TO BE EXPECTED IN THE PRIVATE SERVER WHILE THIS TRANSITION IS UNDERWAY: 1. All users will need to leave the server and re-join with this discord link. This can be also found under "Client Area" called "Private Discord" 2. This allows our backend systems to synchronize your role and permissions from our website into the private Discord server. This means your Discord name will be the same as your username on this website. 3. As we grow as a provider, this solution will help automate some processes we currently face such as assigning roles to customers when they join our servers and revoking them as their time expires until they're ready to renew their subscription again. If you have any issues or questions with this process please open a ticket, or DM Madara / Triscuit for a better explanation to this process.
  4. I've been receiving a lot of feedback & questions about the CIS accounts that I sell within our store, so I've decided to make this post to explain a little more in-depth on Tarkov's CIS accounts and what a region lock means. As you all know, BSG sells various versions of EFT (Standard, Left Behind, Edge of Darkness, etc...) They also do this cute fucking thing where they sell these versions in different regions. Currently there are 3 different types of regional accounts, they have actually made a formal announcement explaining the difference in this forum post on their website. This goes into a little more detail on the difference between each regional account. CIS accounts are locked to RU and post-soviet states. The examples I will use in this post are Russia, Moldova, & Ukraine regions. The topic of discussion on my post is for their CIS regional accounts. To date, these accounts are the cheapest to play on, roughly scoring under $30 for a Standard account (this depends on where you buy it from, but anything above $30 for a CIS standard means you're getting fucked in the deal.) "But Madara, why do we want to buy accounts that we can't even play on, since they're locked to CIS only regions?" The awesome thing about CIS accounts is that you can still play on them wherever you want. For this example, I will be using the purchasing process from this website: Tommy wants to play on EFT but doesn't want to spend $50-$60 on a full USA account because Tommy decided not to go with Lab Demon, so he knows any software will be detected within 72 hours. In order to minimize his risk, he opts to buy a CIS account. Once he's received his account key, he does the steps below: 1. Tommy makes his own email for his new EFT account. He then proceeds to register this email on the Tarkov website while connected to a CIS VPN (Moldova, Ukraine, or Russia.) 2. Once registered, he will navigate to "activate promo code" section on Tarkov's website and use the code he received from our website store. 3. Once the account has been created, he can login to BSGLauncher (assuming he has Tarkov installed already) once logged into BSGLauncher he can disconnect from the VPN and he will proceed to ping back to the USA Tarkov servers even being on a CIS account. If one uses a HWID spoofer then they will have to repeat this process everytime they restart their PC/spoof considering BSGLauncher will "detect" a new computer (because you're spoofing which is creating a new HWID) which will trigger their 2FA e-mail code and causes you to re-login. Either BSG is too fucking stupid to realize what their customers are doing or don't care and haven't patched this loophole because they like the money. It would be extremely easy to put an additional IP check in the loader (which is what they did with HWID checks) when the user presses play to alleviate people like us abusing their CIS accounts. A lot of people aren't willing to spend the additional time / steps required when logging into a VPN for CIS accounts. I've timed this myself, using VyprVPN and spoofing I can do this in 40 seconds. I would rather spend under $30 for each account and save money with a couple of additional steps everytime I want to play. And that's why CIS accounts are the only godsend from BSG.
  5. For those of you who don't know already, Lab Demon is only compatible with windows versions 2004 and 20H2. During testing periods, we found there is a memory leak within windows when our kernel-mode driver is loaded. Below is an excerpt from my announcement within our private DemonWare discord: "It appears the latest windows insider dev build has fixed the memory leak from the previous windows versions 2004 and 2009(20H2) @Triscuit can confirm with 40+ of continuous runtime with driver being loaded there is no additional RAM consumption For those of you who want to upgrade to the dev build, make sure you are on windows 20H2 and sign up for the Windows Insider Program from your Windows Update settings menu. You will need an activated Windows 10 key to do so. Be sure you sign up for the DEV CHANNEL option, it will prompt you for a restart. If you have issues going to 20H2 from 2004 I have a website where you can download 20H2's ISO and mount it within Windows. From there, you can run the setup.exe and upgrade to 20H2. I will post the website in #『💬』-general #open-a-ticket if you have any issues and I will try to help anyone out, I will be on for most of today and tonight" For any new or old customers who use our software. I highly, highly recommend applying and upgrading to the newest windows insider build. This helps improve stability within our software and saves us a lot of headache in the long run. Thanks for your cooperation.
  6. Version 1.0


    Installation guide will be found in our Private Discord after initial purchase - during the setup process.
  7. Banned from Tarkov? Banned from using cracked LD? Need a transaction that's automated & instant? Want to make your own account? DemonWare solves all of these problems for you. DemonWare offers a brand new EFT Account solution that's automated, secure, and instant. With only a 4-step installation guide, you'll be back in the game hacking quicker than ever. We sell game key "promo codes" only, that way you can make your own account & email with 110% peace of mind & security. DemonWare - Play Different. Visit our store to purchase.
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