Parodia spoofer has an authentication overhaul. Visit our Discord if you have an active license to transfer.
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  • [ + ] Compatible with Windows 10 - 2004 ONLY!

    [ + ] AMD & Intel supported.

    [ + ] 1-on-1 customer support & ticketing system via Discord.

    [ + ] Installation guide.

    [ + ] Free HWID resets.

    [ + ] Streamproof!

    [ + ] Free DemonWare exclusive Parodia HWID Spoofer Included.










  • Welcome, & Thank You for visiting Rust Demon's product page.

    THIS IS A PRIVATE, SLOTTED SOFTWARE! Please apply here to the private slot, join our Discord, and we will get back with you.

    Before Buying:

    Purchasing Process:

    • Once you have applied to a private slot, open a ticket in our Discord.
    • We will review your application and may ask some questions in relevance to your entries.
    • You may be subject to a voice-chat interview with one or more members from the staff team.
    • We only conduct business inside the tickets of our Discord server. Anyone who DM's you from the support team looking to sell you our software is an impostor!

    Customer Support:  

    • If you encounter Any Issues with our software, please contact our support team on Discord immediately.
    • Our staff is working around the clock, not one day goes by without someone's issue / case not being responded to or resolved.

    We look forward to having you join the DemonWare community! Play Different.